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Bo Magluyan has been producing high quality original oil paintings since 1989. He has completed portraits, landscapes, and still life paintings.

The best way to purchase Bo's Oil Paintings is to use the "Purchase by..." links located throughout this website. Request your very own new work by contacting the artist and agreeing to a contract with him. Typically, Bo signs contracts that are a variant of standard commission.

For custom-made, original oil paintings, Bo and his customers typically first agree on size, price, subject matter, and color scheme. He has produced paintings from photographs that his customers have taken. He also has taken photographs of subjects for his customers.

In the next step of the process, he creates preliminary sketches and solicits customer feedback. This collaboration ensures customers love their painting.

Bo has achieved 100% customer satisfaction using this approach. However, if at any point during the process the customer decides they no longer want painting, they don't pay. Even if they don't like the painting after it's finished, they don't have to pay for it. Bo does this because he believes strongly in the value of his artwork and his ability to find a different buyer. By working on this variant of standard commission, Bo is able to produce paintings in cost-effective manner. His customers are very happy with their paintings and Bo gets both a little creative freedom and the ability to work on other paintings at the same time. Some artists work the cost-prohibitive way where they're paid a retainer and have to work on only the one portrait until they're done with it. Bo believes his methods and work ethic best fit his customers.

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