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36” x 24” Oil on Canvas

Brief Description:
Inspired by Manet’s "Olympia," which was inspired by Titian’s "Venus di Urbino." In Manet’s painting, the subject is not alarmed by the artists arrival, but her cat is. In Titian’s painting, the subject is making eye contact with the artist, but her dog is happily napping on the bed next to her. In this painting, the subject is looking past the artist. The cat is painted coolly absorbed in his drink. He is obviously a troublemaker though Alexandria has chosen not to reprimand him. Planning this painting required four cats. Only one was used for the final painting and none of them were ever inebriated. It also required dozens of photographs (of clothed women) and sketches. I used no live models—the woman painted doesn’t exist anywhere other than in this painting. VIEW DETAILS OF ENIRE PAINTING. In researching this painting, I learned that Cezanne also was inspired by Manet and produced a painting titled “A Modern Olympia.” His painting differs from the others in two important ways: Olympia’s dog is standing guard between her and the artist (who is in the painting), and her handmaid is actively attempting to cover her up.

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