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Bo Magluyan began oil painting in 1989 at Palette de JuJu Studios in Puyallup, Washington. He studied there 3.5 years. He also took a semester of painting at University of Rochester. He has taken courses in photography, water color, charcoal, and pen/pencil drawing. Bo has a degree in Chemical Engineering. He can explain the properties of paint that make it a non-Newtonian fluid. He has also studied semi-conductors, image processing, optics, photo-lithography, energy, bio-tech, and organizational behaviour.


Artistically, Bo has been most influenced by Edouard Manet and Norman Rockwell, though his palette has tended towards darker colors than either of them.


Bo?s work has been displayed at Art & Wine Festivals (Fremont, Sacramento, Mountain View, and Los Altos), the Western Washington Fair Art Show (2004, 1994, and 1993), at the University of Rochester, and in private collections. Bo is a member of the California Artists Association.


Bo is an avid reader, traveler, mountain biker, and technology aficionado. Bo makes his home in Bothell Washington, where he is surrounded by people who care about his success.